Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Here It Is...Eric Whitacre's Virtual Youth Choir!!!

Here is the LIVE performance of the Virtual Youth Choir in support of children the world over! What a beautiful performance and an exceptional cause (UNICEF). Allendale Middle School singers can be SO proud of their involvement of this project. As your teacher, I am blessed to have the privilege to introduce you to these kind of experiences and blessed to see you grow as young men and women musicians. Very well done!!

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Youth Choir Performance!

Got this exciting message from Eric Whitacre's team this morning:
Tonight, the Virtual Youth Choir premieres at the opening ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.   I can’t tell you how incredible it looks on the giant 1000m sq screen that spans Celtic Park stadium.  You look and sound AWESOME.
Click on this link to read more about the Virtual Youth Choir and the Glasgow Games:

I'm so proud of all of our AMS Choir students for participating in this World Event!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Final Assessment: Preparation Activities

What a successful year we've had together! As we prepare for the end of the year, it's important that MrW has an idea of how well each student has understood the musical concepts we've discussed. It's also important for next year's planning, which will be based on the end of the year assessment.  

Students are asked to complete, and turn in for credit, each of the activities listed below in order to prepare for the final assessment. Special note: ALL students are required to complete every activity. However, students who participated in Solo and Ensemble will NOT have to take the final assessment as was discussed in class.

Final Assessment: Preparation Activities

There are 6 activities for you to complete at your own pace and in whatever order you'd like to work on them. You must turn in at least 1 activity each day and you must complete them all by Friday, May 30.

6th Grade:

  • Note Identification #1:
    • Treble clef, no ledger lines, letter names, with accidentals
    • 60 attempts @ 85% accuracy or higher: Show MrW your Progress Report
  • Note Identification #2:
    • Treble clef, no ledger lines, solfege (movable DO), without accidentals
    • 35 attempts @ 85% accuracy or higher: Show MrW your Progress Report
  • Key Signature Identification:
    • Treble clef, no ledger lines, 11 key signatures (up to 5 sharps/flats)
    • 50 attempts @ 85% accuracy or higher: Show MrW your Progress Report
  • Interval Identification:
    • Treble clef, no ledger lines, 1 key signature, do not require quality, all intervals
    • 50 attempts @ 85% or higher: Show MrW your Progress Report
  • Sight Reading:
    • Without logging in, you will be given 5 examples. Practice each of the 5 exercises. Your assessment will be similar to these examples! MrW may ask you to perform one of the examples to check your progress and to give you suggestions for improvement.
    • Settings:
      • Voice: Soprano
      • Level 1
      • Time Signature: 4/4 and-or 3/4
      • Key Signatures: C Major, F Major, and G Major
  • Musical Terms: Link to online flashcards:

7th Grade: ALL 6th grade activities, but using these links INSTEAD of those found under "6th Grade"

8th Grade: ALL 6th and 7th grade activities, but using these links INSTEAD of those found under "6th Grade" or "7th Grade"

    Thursday, May 22, 2014

    Be a part of Eric Whitacre's Virtual Youth Choir!

    Join composer/conductor Eric Whitacre and singers from around the world, aged 18 and under, to create a special Virtual Youth Choir film to be premiered during the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games as part of a unique partnership with UNICEF.

    What an incredible opportunity for students to participate in this global event! MrW is happy to help students prepare their video, including practicing the song, What If, recording your video, and uploading it to Eric Whitacre. For students who would like to prepare their video by themselves, MrW is also happy to review your video before you submit.

    Click on the "Virtual Youth Choir" logo above to visit the website for more information. If you have questions along the way, don't hesitate to ask MrW! The deadline is midnight June 8 so start preparing RIGHT AWAY!

    Tuesday, April 29, 2014

    Spring Concert Practice Information

    We'll be continuing our study of Doo Wop and Song Mapping. Each class will be asked to:

    • Complete Song Mapping by listening to song 2x
    • Familiarize Melody
    • Memorize song by Mapping sections

    It may be easier to have 1 student make enough copies of the worksheet for partners to share in the class. Students may work with NO MORE than 3 students per group! 

    Click on each title to link to the song on Grooveshark and to view the lyrics/mapping worksheet:

    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    District Choral Festival Performance Evaluation

    If you were absent, or if your assignment is incomplete, please click on "Forms & Stuff" and follow these instructions:

    • Use complete sentences and developed paragraphs
    • You are strongly encouraged to write your paragraph answers in Open Office/MS Word so you don't lose your work before submitting
    • Sentences should be expanded and developed instead of giving short, basic answers. For example: "My memory moment was when we were on stage" would be better if by adding a "because..." along with your reason for that being your moment.
    • Answers that are overly simple or incomplete will not be accepted. Remember to write using your best skills as if you were writing for your English teacher.